Arianna Mercado
curator, writer

Arianna Mercado
b. Manila, Philippines

Curatorial projects
2022    Isles and islands: Cultural flows between the UK and the Philippines (co-edited with Rafael Schacter, Deirdre McKay, and Malaya del Rosario), British Council Philippines
2022    Ópera de Balcón, Cell Project Space, London
2021    Tools of the Trade, Kiat Kiat Projects / Online
2021    Pigeon Pavilion (co-curated with Izzy Waite), Bangkok Biennial, London
2020    Till We Meet Again IRL…Best wishes, AAA (co-curated with Annie Jael Kwan, Cường Phạm, and Howl Yuan), Asia-Art-Activism, London
2020    Harurot (Acceleration), Enclave Lab, London
2019    More light than heat, Calle Wright, Manila
2019    Pizza Party, Kiat Kiat Projects / Shakey’s Loyola, Quezon City
2019    Underbelly, Calle Wright, Manila
2019    Ray Albano: Aleator (Project coordinator), Silverlens Galleries / Art Fair Philippines, Makati
2019    How To Prevent Hair Loss, Kiat Kiat Projects / Email
2018    school of love, Calle Wright, Manila
2018    Spin Cycle, Kiat Kiat Projects / 25 Humabon St. Magallanes Village, Makati
2018    Thirteen Artists Award (Project coordinator), Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila
2018    Moving House, Unpacking a life of critical art making, Calle Wright, Manila
2018    Never is a Promise, Calle Wright, Manila
2018    Whisper into a tree and seal it with mud, Silverlens Galleries, Makati
2018    Juice, Lucinda Unlimited Cooperative / DULO Manila
2017    Flatlands (Project manager), Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Manila
2017    Diwa: What it means to be human, University of the Philippines, Quezon City
2017    You are Here, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila

Published writing
2023    Rustling in the Leaves, Power Naps Post #2, Para Site Hong Kong
2023    Show Us the Money: ‘The Accursed Share’ at Talbot Rice Gallery (with Elisa Adami), Afterall
2022    “How does the world define Filipinos?”: Conversation with Baby Ruth Villarama, British Council
2022    Leiko Ikemura: 'I prefer to leave unfinished traces of imperfection', Ocula
2022    Charles Lim Yi Yong Maps Singapore’s Reclaimed Land, Ocula
2021    For Pow Martinez, Painting Is Still Emerging, Ocula
2020    On ‘Dear Yu Chu 玉珠’, The Art Columnist
2020    Dancing to Budots and Being Chased by a Dog, Green Papaya Art Projects: PapayaPost
2020    More light than heat (Catalogue text), Calle Wright, Manila
2020    Bird watching, tractions: experiments in art writing Issue #2
2020    Cosmic Grounds (Exhibition notes and catalogue text), Silverlens Galleries, Manila
2019    labor pains, Ctrl+P Journal of Contemporary Art Issue #19
2019    Another look at Venice Biennale: Living in interesting times, The Philippine Star
2019    Love letters to the unseen: Works by Fr. Jason Dy and Costantino Zicarelli at Vargas Museum, The Philippine Star
2019    Bulong at Sigaw: Mga Kontemporanyong Kulam, Dasal, Anting-Anting at Ritwal (Exhibition notes and catalogue text), Artinformal, Manila
2019    On higher ticket prices and deeper regard for artists: a postscript to Art Fair 2019, ANC X
2019    Old habits die hard: Liv Vinluan on repetition and permanence, The Philippine Star
2019    Of tragedy and indulgence: Ian Fabro’s ‘Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso’, The Philippine Star
2018    Market in flux: ‘Nam June Paik in Manila’ at León Gallery, The Philippine Star
2018    Equivalents (Exhibition notes), Silverlens Galleries, Makati
2018    spin_cycle.txt (Catalogue text), Kiat Kiat Projects
2018    Lost and found in translation: ‘Incarnator’ by Paul Pfeiffer, The Philippine Star
2018    No shade but your shadow, Artissima, Turin, IT / Silverlens Galleries, Makati
2018    ‘The Hand, the Secretary, a Landscape’ at the CCP, The Philippine Star
2018    That 70s movement, The Philippine Star
2018    The earth rotates at 1670km an hour, Art Basel Hong Kong / Silverlens Galleries, Makati
2018    I was told to do this, The Philippine Star
2018    countercurrents (Catalogue text), Silverlens Galleries, Makati
2018    Conduits for sale, The Philippine Star
2018    Tileworks (Exhibition notes), Galleria Duemila, Manila
2018    Lyra Garcellano, Amorsolo, and the Spectre of Comparison, The Philippine Star
2018    Bea Camacho’s poetic take on memory as forgetting, The Philippine Star
2017    Horizon (Catalogue text), Silverlens Galleries, Makati
2017    Bernardo Pacquing (Catalogue text), Silverlens Galleries, Makati
2017    Dalena’s Curtain Call, Kalaw-Ledesma Foundation, Inc.

2022    Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
2022    Sandbox Residency, Areté, Quezon City
2020    Koganecho Bazaar (AIR Manager Intern-in-Residence), Yokohama, Japan / Online

2023    Precarious Solidarities: Artists for Democracy (1974–77), Afterall, London
2022    Home Truths Setting the Southeast Asian Art Scene Symposium, Museum of the Home, London
2022    Isles and islands anthology, SOAS, University of London
2022    Surplus as Strategy, SOAS, University of London
2021   Di Balik Punggung Peneliti (Behind the Stage of Researcher), riwanua, Makassar, Indonesia
2021   Do It as Art Practice and Pedagogy, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design Manila
2020   Above*About~Across: Diasporic Hyperrealities, Asia-Art-Activism, London
2020   Art and Democracy, Depot Kunst, Vienna

2019-2021    Departmental Fee Waiver (MFA Curating), Goldsmiths, University of London
2017    Purita Kalaw-Ledesma Award for Art Criticism, Ateneo Art Awards
2016    Exhibition Venue Grant, Cultural Center of the Philippines

2019-2021    MFA Curating (Distinction), Goldsmiths, University of London
2012-2017    BFA Art Management and AB Psychology (Honourable Mention), Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, Philippines

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Marz Aglipay, A Site of Curiosities: Soft Power Peripherals, Cartellino, Sept 9, 2021
John Alexis Balaguer, More light than heat: Lesley-Anne Cao and Lao Lianben, ArtAsiaPacific, Oct-Nov 2019
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