Arianna Mercado
curator, writer

Selected published work

2023    no exits
2022    Isles and islands: Cultural flows between the UK and the Philippines, British Council
2020    We’re all in this together (Vol. 2 - Asia-Art-Activism), London
2020    We’re all in this together (Vol. 1 - Load na Dito Projects), Manila


Rustling in the Leaves, Power Naps Post Issue #2 (ed. Wing Chan), Para Site, Hong Kong

Charles Lim Yi Yong Maps Singapore's Reclaimed Lands, Ocula

On ‘Dear Yu Chu 玉珠’, The Art Columnist

Dancing to Budots and Being Chased by a Dog, Green Papaya Art Projects, notes on the 2018 VIVA ExCon

Bird watching, tractions: experiments in art writing Issue #2 (ed. Carlos Quijon Jr.), on Shireen Seno’s A child dies, a child plays, a woman is born, a woman dies, a bird arrives, a bird flies off

labor pains, Ctrl+P Journal of Contemporary Art Issue #19 (ed. Judy Freya Sibayan)

On higher ticket prices and deeper regard for artists: a postscript to Art Fair 2019, ANC X, on MM Yu

Conduits for sale, The Philippine Star, on Art Basel Hong Kong