Arianna Mercado
curator, writer

Isles and islands: Cultural flows between the UK and Philippines (co-edited with Rafael Schacter, Deirdre McKay, and Malaya del Rosario)
British Council Philippines
November 2022

Isles and islands: Cultural flows between the UK and the Philippines is an anthology commissioned by the British Council Philippines. This publication brings together the voices of Filipinos, through migration, diaspora, and returns. 

The anthology highlights the collaborations shared between the two countries, navigating bureaucracy and institutional hurdles, and creative practices that exist at the interstices of two cultures.

Contributors involved in this publication involve Eva Bentcheva, Baby Ruth Villarama, Kamustahan Projects, and Cristina Juan.

Isles and islands is freely available online through this link.
Image on home page: Mars Galang, David Medalla and Jun Lansang protesting at the opening of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, 1969. Photograph: ©The Philippine Free Press