Arianna Mercado
curator, writer

Tapio Snellman, “Grounded,” single channel video, 2019

(L-R): Nap Jamir, “Fragments III,” “Fragments IV,” “Fragments V,” assemblage, glass, metal, wood, 2019; 
Robin Rivera, “Wash,” audio, 2019

March 22 - June 23, 2019
Calle Wright, Manila

Nap Jamir II
Robin Rivera
Tapio Snellman

Underbelly was an examination into the unseen and the unnoticed. It is the soft side of an animal, something tucked away, sometimes sinister, and ultimately, hidden from sight.

Coming together from different practices, Nap Jamir II, Robin Rivera, and Tapio Snellman create works that highlight the vulnerable and hidden. Taking cues from the neighborhood and architecture, Underbelly takes strides between both the illusionary and palpable. Jamir, Rivera, and Snellman echo what is visible to expose the overlooked and unexamined.

Previous exhibitions at Calle Wright have been opportunities for artists to react to its architecture as a site. Continuing from this, Underbelly is prompted by the space’s architectural elements, yet is also an acknowledgement of impermanence and the persistence of change and weathering.

Photos courtesy of Dianne de Guzman / Calle Wright