Arianna Mercado
curator, writer

Gary-Ross Pastrana, “Stream,” reassembled boat, 2008

Never is a Promise
February 25 - May 26, 2018
Calle Wright, Manila

Heman Chong
Gary-Ross Pastrana

Calle Wright is an art house located in Malate, Manila. The space opened in February 2018 and I was tasked with the role of curator and project manager of the space.

Never is a Promise was a collaborative two-man exhibition between Heman Chong (Singapore) and Gary-Ross Pastrana (Philippines), which sprung from a two-year dialogue between the artists regarding their practice and personal archive. This exhibition brought to light the two artists’ failed, forgotten, and unrealized works alongside their “greatest hits.”
Heman Chong, “I WANT TO BELIEVE,” inkjet print (digital file freely distributed), 2016

Photos courtesy of Jessica de Leon / Calle Wright