Arianna Mercado
curator, writer

James Beckett, “Negative Space: A Scenario Generator for Clandestine Building in Africa,” Wooden blocks, glass, stickers 2017

Hrair Sarkissian, “Background,” C-Print, backlight paper, 2013

curated by Joselina Cruz
December 7, 2017 - March 4, 2018
Museum of Contemporary Art and Design Manila

James Beckett
Hrair Sarkissian
Amie Siegel
Eugenio Tibaldi

Flatlands was an international group exhibition curated by Joselina Cruz featuring James Beckett (Zimbabwe), Hrair Sarkissian (Syria), Amie Siegel (USA), and Eugenio Tibaldi (Italy). This exhibition reimagines peripheries as central to the artworks, putting into question areas of commerce and economic prosperity vis-à-vis decaying cities and communities.

Photos courtesy of MCAD Manila